Kansas is home to an abundant and healthy Rio Grande and Eastern Turkey population. The Eastern half of the state provides a slightly different landscape that is home to large flocks of Eastern turkeys. The farther west you move in the state, the Rio Grande turkey becomes the king. Ranging from river bottoms to wide open ag country, Rio's cover ground and demand a different style of hunting than their Eastern cousins. Come join us this spring for a true Kansas turkey hunting experience. Our Turkey hunts are self-guided on properties that have resulted in 100% shot opportunity in previous years.

Shotgun Turkey [April 20th-May 31st] 3 Day Self Guided Lodging Included

There is nothing quite like the feeling of crushing a longboard over decoys in the springtime. Shotgun hunting turkeys is a passion of ours and we have been extremely successful in the past seasons of getting every hunter an opportunity to harvest a mature tom. Perhaps the best part of turkey hunting in Kansas is the length of the season. Our success continues late into May with some of the best birds each season being Harvested after May 15th. We typically hunt early morning roosts and then switch to a more mobile style of hunting throughout the day. Scouting strut zones and different transition areas is a key part of our success when the birds aren't being vocal or aggressive. 

**Note new KDWPT regulation changes from 2 birds to 1 in our Unit.**

$800 Self Guided

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  • When is the best time to book our hunt? 

  • Generally Kansas weather can be unpredictable in early spring. The gobblers seem to be most active and callable after April 20th.

  • What should i bring?

  • Bring clothes to hunt in weather from 30˙ to 85˙. Rubber Boots to repel ticks/water. Sawyers Tick repellent. Thermacell. Headlight. Cooler for meat. Turkey vest/backpack. Turkey chair. 

  • Do you have guns we can shoot?

  • YES! In fact we would prefer you shoot our guns, we know the effective range and the pattern size. This option also makes it easier for our clients traveling by air.