turkey call

If you've ever sat beneath an old oak tree as the eastern sky turns from dark to dawn; a tom's gobble on a limb nearby is enough to shake any mans soul. As spring mornings begin to form a painting of the hunter's mind, strutting turkeys become the vivid colors placed upon the canvas. A longbeard gobbling on the Kansas prairie may well be one of the purest and most untouched wildlife spectacles left on earth. As the hunting industry continues to evolve and technology sinks it's teeth into what seems like a sport founded on serenity and tradition, the turkey call your grandfather used still holds its own. The springtime is a time of year where we step back into our roots and remember our values, we remember why we choose to enjoy the outdoors. That's a call that we as hunters can never forget to answer. 


“The Kansas Hurt Locker has hosted and guided special guest in the One Shot Turkey hunt for several years in a row. This charity event is a special celebration of the camaraderie of turkey camp and the spring turkey season.”