Tanglefree has been a big contributor to our success as one of the premier outfitters in the Central Flyway. We are hard on gear from opening day until the last day of season when our hands are numb and our minds tired, Tanglefree gives us products to make our lives easier. The durability of all of their full body geese and ducks to withstand the rigors of what we put them through is a testament to the quality of the products themselves. The new panel blinds and their flight series layout blinds also give our clients a safe method of concealment while keeping them warm and comfortable. Check out the full line of Tanglefree products we love and depend on at http://tanglefree.com.

If your'e like us and like to be comfortable from sun up to sundown, check out the line of Waterfowl clothing from Sitka Gear. Kansas is a wild and unpredictable mess, the weather changes at the drop of a hat and having a clothing system that can adapt and keep us warm and dry is a must. The Optifade Marsh pattern blends in with nearly element we encounter over the course of a season. For more info on Sitka waterfowl systems check them out at Sitkagear.com.  

We spend a lot of time on the road and many a mornings eating breakfast out of a gas station. YETI Coolers have given us the freedom and flexibility to live a healthier lifestyle when we are on the road or scouting. Drinks stay colder longer and our snacks stay dry and fresh. The YETI 65 is a favorite amongst all of our guides.

Our retrievers and bird dogs are a part of our family, and our best employees. Gunner Kennels makes the toughest and most dependable dog kennel on the market and we will put our name on that statement. For more information on their line of awesome products that keep man's best friend safe, visit www.gunnerkennels.com